Why Now and Why Us?

Timing is everything.  This industry consolidation offers to independent practices very attractive opportunities today that could become potential threats tomorrow for those that remain independent.  

As any industry consolidation phase matures, the balance of power typically shifts  from those being consolidated to the consolidator. Thus, once a consolidation phase has become sufficiently competitive, as this one has, independent businesses typically "get the best deal" by acting sooner, rather than later. Moreover, the steady decline in interest rates over the past decade, which has helped drive valuations higher, appears to have recently started reversing course.  If interest rates increase significantly from their low current levels, as many expect, this could serve to depress business valuations in the future from their currently lofty levels.  Thus, "striking while the iron is hot" appears to make good sense.

Selecting an adviser -- the most experienced adviser -- is critically important.  Cavanaugh Partners provides you, the practice owner, with several key benefits: 

  1. We represent you – we listen to, and advocate for, you -- and we win only if you win
  2. Our representation typically increases your attainable business value by several times more than the total amount of fees we charge;
  3. We minimize your transaction workload and risk of failing to secure the right transaction.
  4. Cavanaugh Partners has the most experience in this industry, having advised on more than $175 million of closed transactions for independent specialty-emergency veterinary practices in just the past 2 years.

Let us show you why choosing Cavanaugh Partners is the best decision you can make.