About Us

We bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be


What We Do

As your steadfast advocate, Cavanaugh Partners manages and drives both the development and evaluation of strategic alternatives, as well as the negotiating and closing of a strategic transaction.  We also perform specific functions in support of these processes:

  • Analyze your financial performance and competitive environment
  • Package & present your business to potentially interested parties
  • Solicit and evaluate strategic alternatives, including capital raises, business combinations and sale transactions
  • Advise you in negotiating the selected strategic transaction
  • Coordinate professionals, including those advising on tax and legal matters
  • Support the transaction documentation and due diligence processes

Our job is to ensure you are prepared for all possibilities, to help you "see around corners" and "put your best foot forward” throughout the process.  Our job is also to serve as an independent, objective sounding board that you can rely on to give you accurate and honest information as you make decisions throughout the entire process.  We even provide post-closing support to ensure the smoothest transition possible.


Our Approach

Cavanaugh Partners has three guiding principles:

  1. maintain the highest integrity in everything we do,
  2. be the best in our chosen market niche, and
  3. partner for success.  

This means that we deliver to specialty-emergency practices like yours exactly the expertise and experience you seek, and that our success is defined by your success. We do not try to be “all things to all people,” as do so many other financial advisers.  Instead, we are laser focused on being the best only at exactly what our clients need from their adviser.

We serve the interests of our clients by aligning our advice, advocacy and compensation accordingly…

  • We focus only on this one industry and we only represent practices – not consolidators – within this industry, enabling us to devote all of our energy to being the go-to expert for specialty-emergency veterinary practices
  • We think and behave as a partner with our clients
  • We provide independent advice to our clients – we do not tell them what they want to hear; we tell them what they need to know
  • We advocate strongly on behalf of our clients in order to structure their optimal transaction, not ours
  • We conduct ourselves with, and insist upon with others, the highest integrity
  • Our compensation is heavily weighted to a success fee earned only at the time of, and in proportion to, our client’s financial success
  • We believe that the most successful transactions are those between parties that behave as partners, sharing a prospective commonality of interests

Our Experience

Cavanaugh Partners understands the specialty-emergency veterinary marketplace, and has earned respect within this niche market by successfully advising on transactions of significant import.

We have closed transactions for 9 practices in this market niche over the past 2 years with an aggregate value in excess of $175 million, and we have secured for our clients the highest practice valuations paid for independent specialty-emergency veterinary practices to date.  All of our engagements have concluded in successful transactions for our clients in a timely manner.

We know the industry consolidators and, in many cases, the private equity firms that support them. Because of our experience in negotiating and closing transactions with these parties, we understand their strategic objectives, how they value practices and how they negotiate transactions. This industry-specific knowledge sets us apart from other advisers, and our clients benefit accordingly.

Brian Cavanaugh of Cavanaugh Partners

Brian Cavanaugh

Brian founded, and has led, Cavanaugh Partners since late 2014. He had previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of numerous companies, including Medley Capital, a NYC-based alternative asset management firm with over $1 billion of assets under management. He has advised clients regarding companies of all sizes, from startups to multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies.

Brian spent the first 14 formative years of his career in capital markets roles at JP Morgan and BT Alex. Brown, as a fixed income securities trader, a capital markets specialist and an investment banker, serving large corporate and governmental clients.

Brian received his BA from the College of Wooster, where his academic focus was in Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science.  He received his MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, where his academic focus was in Finance and Accounting.  While earning his MBA, Brian also served as a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Department of the Cornell University College of Engineering.

Brian and his family reside in Delray Beach, Florida and Mendham, New Jersey.